Phase 1: (Online) orientation

The search for an accommodation usually begins online via the search engines Google or Bing. This often leads travellers to popular online booking platforms (OTAs) such as, Expedia and Airbnb.

Being visible online on these channels is therefore very important! Of course, increasing the visibility of your own personal website also remains crucial if you want to get direct bookings. A healthy mix is the message.

Are you looking for OTAs to increase the online visibility of your hotel or B&B? Take a look at our Marketplace and discover our extensive list of partners. Make sure you keep your target audience in mind. Choose the OTAs that are best suited for your accommodation and your type of guests.

If you want to increase your direct - commission free - bookings, you need to have your own hotel website up and running. The Bookingplanner all-in-one package (hotel software), can be expanded with one of our template websites. These professional websites are specially designed for accommodation owners and are set up in no time. Moreover, they are mobile-friendly and can easily be adjusted to your own house style.

Curious aboutour template websites? Be sure to contact our sales team to take a look at our designs.

More tips to increase your online visibility can be found in our article: “Maximise the online visibility of your accommodation?"

Website client Charme hotel Hancelot - Ghent

Phase 2: (Online) booking

Le moment suprême: the customer wants to book with your hotel or B&B. In this phase of the customer journey, a smooth booking process is crucial.

A good Booking Engine on your website is a must. Our Booking Engine is part of the Bookingplanner All-In-One package and ensures that every booking goes smoothly. A clear book now button, a handy fast booker to check availability, the possibility to pay securely online, etc. Through our Marketplace you will discover with which payment providers our hotel software can be linked.

Besides the online booking module, you also get a smart price comparison tool in your software package. This tool appears on your website and shows your advantageous direct booking price in comparison with the prices on other booking channels.This way, you convince website visitors to book directly.

Phase 3: Looking forward to the stay

The booking is completed and the traveller is already looking forward to his or her stay. Don't wait until the arrival to build up the relationship with your customer. This does not require much effort, it can perfectly be done via automated mails. Think for example of an email with information about restaurants in the neighbourhood or places of interest.

Phase 4: The stay

The next step in the customer journey is the stay itself. For this, too, our Bookingplanner All-In-One package, including PMS, is very helpful. The PMS forms the core of your hotel management. Thanks to this software, you reduce your administrative tasks and maintain an overview.

You can organise a quick check-in and check-out, quickly draw up practical breakfast and cleaning lists and make sure your invoicing runs smoothly. Moreover, you can also connect with various Key systems and cash register or POS systems. Ensure satisfied customers and a smaller workload for you and your colleagues.

Phase 5 – Keep in touch!

After the check-out, the customer journey is not over yet. Even after the stay, it is a good idea to continue communicating with your guest. You can use automated mails to find out how your guest experienced their stay at your accommodationand ask them to leave a review. You can also recommend a repeat visit through promotions. Keep in touch and create returning guests.

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